Daring to Dream Even When Covid Says You Can’t.

A year ago, my speaking career capsized. It’s ok. I’m no Brene Brown, so I wasn’t too sad, but it was hard.

Also, I tanked into depression and anxiety and that was really tough. I am pretty sure there are folks here who can relate.

But I kept going. And my brain kept saying, “I want to help people not feel so nutty and sad, like I’m feeling nutty and sad.” This makes me sound all Mother Theresa but really it’s because I’m a total control freak and I needed to FIX THE WORLD. ALL OF IT. And I can’t do science so the vaccine was totally outside my wheelhouse.

So, what’s almost as good as a vaccine that says thousands of lives?


Here’s the newest venture from yours truly, and it took a solid year to finally come to light. My goal was to create a story-telling forum for folks from all walks of life – all different places, races, faces, etc, to come and share a story of their life.

The Neighborgood is all *waves hands around*… this kind of thinking:

Because… in all reality… I was doing a lot of THIS kind of thinking:

Friends. I needed a project. And this was certainly that.

So, I have all the pieces in play. Our podcast, The Neighborgood, is all up and running on all the usual places, and it’s… well it’s..

It’s pretty good, y’all. I think it’s really good.

I’m proud of it.

It’s Friday, which in our house means movie night (Red is picking the movie. It’s his turn. We will be watching something with a lot of pyrotechnics, slow-motion walking, and mediocre acting skills. This is Henry’s oeu·vre. Have you ever noticed that you can’t really ever say the word oeu·vre without italicizing it? Also who really knows what it means? I’m not totally sure so I looked it up and I think… kind of works? Maybe? This is MY oeu·vre, using words with a lot of confidence, not a lot of background knowledge. )

Would you be so kind as to take a listen to The Neighborgood?

I promise no one uses the word oeu·vre in any of the episodes. Ever.


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