Sunday. An experiment.

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Slow down; it’s Sunday.

I want, so badly, to understand this Sabbath thing – keeping it, respecting it, letting it be a real and repeated part of our family.  The Sabbath slow down as a normal routine, not a special occurence.

So, I pile up the magazines and books I have been meaning to read next to the couch, and I contemplate my Sunday menu – a nice cozy meal for a cozy day.  And oh, I do need to throw in a load of laundry but just one…  and maybe I better check my emails – it would be rude not to…

The books and magazines are a cover for my work – I am looking for ideas for writing and publication.  The meal is more lavish than it need be – I want to please my family with a super meal, but a little more time with Mom is more desired.

And you know the laundry and the emails are a slippery slope- first it’s one load, then, before you know it, you’re attacking the mending, and then, well, you’ve Martha-ed yourself into a corner.  A very tired and sort of resentful corner.

My hubs has got this whole Sabbath thing DOWN.  He loves church, and then, he loves:

The couch for a nap

Backgammon with Blonde

Wrestling with  Red

Creating tinker toy windmills with both


There is nothing wrong with laundry and making lovely meals on Sunday; I Know for SURE this is not the angle I am taking here.  It’s the heart.  My Sundays are restless and jangled, and they are not what my Father asked of my heart.

I’m going for:

EVERY time my children ask to play or hug or sit and read a book, I will say yes.

Every time.

I’ll report back to you and let you know how my Sabbath experiment goes.

I wonder if it will give me some much needed rest for my heart.

And I leave you with this:


    • I mend! It’s what I do! I feel very Laura Ingalls Wilder when I get out my little sewing basket and thread…
      But these days, my mending is mostly just taking pants in for scrawny chicken children.

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