I am amazing and wonderful and I’ll work on humility tomorrow.

Today’s post is all about Five Minute Friday. The theme?

Screenshot 2015-12-11 11.45.09


Hi, um, humility? I got this one. You just sit back and bide your time, ok? Go eat something with lots of vegies in it, and fiber, and watch some educational television. Or do yoga. You know, just go on being the workhorse of Goodness, because today?

Today I am not gonna hang out with you at ALL.

Today. Just for Today. I am:





And I am SO jazzed on caffeine right now.

Also, I am:

Terrible at yoga, but I will continue at it. Even if that means a face plant during that weird spread eagle pose. I will do it anyhow.

Why? Because that’s how awesome I am.

Also: I am pretty bad at making solid decisions that are really well-analyzed and researched. I guess it’s because I had to teach the research paper to 7th graders and that’ll put anyone off their game.

But I continue to make decisions, on a daily basis, and you know what? I stand by most of them. I try to do stuff in a way that matches my insides with my outsides.

Because, I am still SO awesome.

Today, as I write this post, on the couch, with a large vat of coffee and my dog for warmth (our house is over 100 years old. It’s always chilly) – I am pretty convinced that I am the best thing ever.

Also: I took a shower this morning AND put on real clothes. The kind that have buttons. I MIGHT EVEN ACCESSORIZE.

I deserve a parade.

I thought about the theme today and realized two things:

  1. Reflection is good. It’s necessary. We need to do it to take tabs on our life, our progress. The ever shifting world.
  2. If I reflect for one second too long I slip over into total nutball.

Here’s what I mean. I look into the mirror every morning, attempting to do the mascara thing without taking out an eyeball because I am getting old-ish and can’t SEE much. Anyhow, if I stand in front of that mirror a tad too long?

I tend to think I have somehow morphed into this lady:

hqdefaultJudgemental creep. She’s fixated on the little things (shoes) and has a voice that can make dogs howl. Also, it’s pretty clear she hates the dentist.* She has some things to work through, and there is no amount of foundation that is gonna deal with that green.

So, reflect. Look back. Look forward. But also remember to two things:

  1. You didn’t make you. God did. And He is in charge and He loves beautiful things. He is the Michelangelo and you are the David, and last I checked, there was no green going on in that image at ALL.
  2. Just remember #1, okay? Especially on the green days. Because, there are always green days.

Reflect and remember who gave you the brains and heart to wish for reflection in the first place. He sculpted a pretty amazing thing.

And now, I am gonna take my fabulous self and prance right out of here to Papa Johns. Because, I promised my babies a Christmas movie night, and that pizza isn’t going to make itself tonight. No sir.

Merry Christmas. Take time to reflect a little on this:

The God of ALL creation, allowed us to live along side His son. The ruler of all the Universe likes to hang out with us.

Amazing. Simply breath-taking.

If a human can create this majesty, just think what God can do.


*As awesome as I am, I still have not been to the dentist in three years. I’m all cowardly lion on that one. Progress, not perfection.




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  1. what a fun, reflective post, and so true about a moment of excessive reflection often pushes us over the edge 😉 I”m your nearest neighbor on FMF today, parked in #49. peace, hope and joy!

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